Tom Dobrzanski is a Vancouver-based music producer, engineer, mixer, musician and recording studio owner. In 2001 he built Vertical Studios, a recording studio that quickly became a hub of the Vancouver music scene.

“I think I got into music production because I’m a curious person.  Not a typical reason, I know, but I’ve always been fascinated with how things work.  After studying audio engineering while finishing my business degree, I was hooked.  I learned everything I could about acoustics and studio construction and designed and built my first studio.”

Vertical is where Tom recorded and produced debut albums for notable bands such as Said The Whale, We Are The City, and Hey Ocean!.  As the talent in Vancouver grew, Tom saw the need to create an affordable midsize recording space.  “I was noticing a lack of recording options in the city to support the scene that had been growing for years.”  With that in mind, in 2012 Tom took on the project of converting an East-Vancouver warehouse space into Monarch Studios.

We Are The City had the distinction of being the first band to record at the newly completed studio, making their critically acclaimed album Violent, with Said The Whale following shortly after to record their award winning album Hawaiii.  Tom’s more recent projects include self-producing his own band The Zolas’ new album Swooner, and soon to be released albums from label mates Adrian Glynn and James Younger.

Tom’s production and engineering work has been recognized with many award nominations including WCMA awards for Producer of the Year, Engineer of the Year, and a Juno nomination for Alternative Album of the Year.  Tom has also had success on radio, with many songs charting nationally, including a number one single on the Canadian alternative rock chart.

Photos of completed Monarch Studios, where Tom works out of in Vancouver: